How St. Louis Ranks in the US for Car Accidents

Be prepared for a nasty surprise if you shift to St. Louis City and are planning to get your vehicle insured. You might end up paying a lot more for insurance premiums in this city in comparison to most other cities in the US, except for Detroit, Baton Rouge, and Baltimore—as these four cities are infamous for their high percentage of traffic accidents and crime.

Typically, insurance companies take several factors into consideration for deducing the premium a car owner must pay, which includes the condition of the vehicle, your driving record (you pay a lower premium if you have no accident records in the past), and the city in which the vehicle will be used and housed.

Leading in Accidents and Crime

St. Louis City is among the leading cities of the United States where deaths related to traffic accidents are steadily on the rise, despite the law enforcement agencies targeting the faulty drivers and imposing harsher fines on them. If this is not enough, this city has the bad reputation of witnessing the largest number of car thefts.

A such, insurance agencies will charge you a hefty premium to insure your vehicle unless you have advanced safety measures such as sophisticated alarms installed in your vehicle. Installing safety devices help to bring the insurance premiums down as well as the number of car thefts. However, these devices cannot help you to avoid car collisions, even if you are driving safely.

Collisions Are Inevitable

The accident might be caused due to the negligence and carelessness of the other driver. The result is that you must pay for damages caused to your vehicle due to the crash, unless you have it insured, and even then, you’ll have to pay a deductible. The same goes for you medical bills if you have been injured in the accident.

Remember, insurance companies have a dedicated team of lawyers who will try their best to offer you the lowest amount possible. In this scenario, you need the help of a professional and experienced St. Louis car accident lawyer.

Contact a lawyer immediately after the accident so that he or she can review the scene of the crash, talk with any witnesses or police officers at the scene, and document photographs of the scene. These details will help him prepare a favorable report, argue the case with the insurance company’s lawyers, and help you recover the amount due to you so you can be compensated for your injuries and damages.

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